Friday, March 31, 2017

march beauty favorites 2017

I've got nothing glamorous this month but I bet you would love every one of these.  They are more staples rather than colorful makeup but will undoubtedly help make you look better and your life easier.  Plus I have been on a no-buy and so haven't bought any little "extras".  And as well I've been incredibly lazy lately, just wearing mascara and some lip.  If we could do away with February and March I'd be happy.  But speaking of mascara, I have upgraded my opinion on the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (from my comparing more mascaras post).  I have now decided it is the best possible mascara if you want tons of volume and sexiness.  In fact, let's count it as one of my March Favorites!  Hopefully, with spring now in bloom I will start adding some color and complexity to my makeup routine.  Even if I have nowhere to go, it'd be nice to make the effort.  Sometimes it feels better to be that much more polished.

I can't get enough of the Premium Microfiber Facial Towels (ie. face cloths)!  They clean my face more thoroughly yet more gently than anything I have ever tried.  And because for sanitary reasons, it's smart to only use your face cloth twice (one morning, one night) I crave to have an endless supply.  Of course, they are washable but keeping up with the laundry is not my strong suit.  These microfiber cloths are sooooo soft.  They feel comforting on the skin like you are doing something pampering and good for your face.  One side of the cloth is completely smooth with no nap, and the other side is more textured for a very light exfoliation.  I don't know how much more I can go on about these babies but suffice it to say you'll adore them.

I hate to say this but I think the Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner is better than the ever-popular Beautyblender Blendercleanse Solid.  It's only a couple bucks cheaper but it doesn't dissolve and disappear as easily and so, in the long run, lasts longer and you get more bang for your buck.   If you haven't discovered solid brush cleansers you are really missing out.  They may not be as economical as some other types of brush cleansers but boy do they make the tedious task of cleaning your brushes less painful.  You just give your brush a few swirls on the solid cake then rinse. I find that the Solid Clean cleans more completely and more quickly than other cleansers I have tried.  They are the lazy girl's friend.

I have rediscovered the joys of the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment.  Years ago I used it as my regular conditioner because I had long, damaged, color-treated hair, but now that I have a short (healthy) bob I use it only once a week.  And it is still glorious!  It doesn't weigh the hair down at all, nor is it greasy or overly rich.  In the long term, it makes my hair strong and resistant to worse damage.   In the short term, it always makes my hair hydrated, bouncy, and shiny.  It is superb for eliminating the frizzies.  As far as I know, pretty much everyone who tries this conditioner loves it.  I don't know why I went so long without it.  It's a winner!

I love my Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.   You get two cleansers in the tub; one side is a cleansing balm (first cleanse), and the other side is a creamy cleanser (second cleanse).  These days the world of skincare is big on double cleansing.  A balm is needed to first get rid of the makeup and sunscreen so you can then go in and address the skin directly with a regular cleanser.  In this duo I like the creamy cleanser ok for my dry skin but I truly relish the balm.  It turns into the perfect oil and completely melts the makeup away without any effort.   And on lazy days or for a simple morning cleanse I like to mix the two products together in my palms and then apply all at once.  Even though the directions don't say to do this, that method gives me an excellent clean without drying my skin in the least.

Real Techniques makes terrific affordable makeup brushes.  They are not cheap or flimsy in any way, and do an admirable job of blending.  No, they are not luxurious like a Wayne Goss or Hokuhodo, and they are all synthetic, but I find myself buying them over and over again.  My current favorite (and new to me) is their Expert Concealer Brush.  I have super dry and sometimes crepey under eyes so I need to be careful with my concealer.  It needs to blend satiny, without rubbing, and sink into the skin.  The Expert Concealer Brush does just that for me.  It ensures a flawless finish.  And I like to support Real Techniques because the brand is created by two gorgeous and charming and fun English makeup artists (sisters) who have a YouTube Channel under the name Pixiwoo, which you should really check out.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 is a great way to hydrate without spending much money.  The Ordinary is a no-frills, low-priced, yet professional grade brand of skincare that is currently taking the world by storm.  My skin has been horrifically dry this winter and I have been trying everything under the sun to correct that.  For $7 ($11 with shipping) I decided to give this a go.  Besides the price point, I chose this particular hyaluronic acid because it claims to work on a deeper level, not just hydrating the surface of the skin as many HAs are wont to do.  I feel like I got more than my money's worth from this, however for me, I need to use it in conjunction with other super moisturizing products.  If you have combo or oily but dehydrated skin you could use this gel alone or under a light moisturizer.  After cleansing, I spray on a hydrating toner then apply this HA on top to lock in the water.  In the day I follow it up with a heavy moisturizer then a hydrating CC cream or sunscreen.  In the evening I again lock in my hydrating toner with this, then apply an oil and then a cream.  I feel like my skin wouldn't be nearly as happy without the Hyaluronic 2% in the mix.  It definitely makes a difference!

What were your favorites in March?  Anything more exciting than mine?

all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. And product pictures were stolen from the link's websites. I am not financially compensated for my reviews

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