Sunday, July 29, 2012

spectacularly seductive scents

Scent can transform you - change your mood or even put you 'in the mood'. Splashing on the right fragrance to enhance your outfit before a special evening is what it's all about.  It can make you truly irresistible, and I've got some spectacularly seductive scents that will set the scene for l'amour.

But how on earth am I going to tell you what is sexy and what smells good when both are so subjective?  Well to begin with, I am choosing fragrances that other people besides me think are hot (I always get tons of compliments on these faves)  And secondly, I have broken it down into types of scent, so there will be a little something for everyone.  Thirdly, just think of it as a place to start looking - because everyone needs a sexy perfume to round out their fragrance wardrobe.  Even you.

ROMANTIC FLORAL:  Fresh Violette Eau de Parfume is about as exclusive as you can get.  Only available at Neiman Marcus, its pleasing fragrance has mass appeal but only a very select few will actually be wearing it.  The floral notes of violet, freesia, and rose are toned down with the sultry basenotes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood.  Advertised as 'extravagant' and 'sophisticated', it is sexy in a more demure way.  

CLASSIC ORIENTAL:  Gucci Rush has been around since 1999 and has yet to fade in popularity.  Those in the know continue to buy it for it's blatant sex appeal.   Its notes of gardenia, jasmine, and rose are spiced up with vanilla and coriander seed.  One spritz of this hedonistic scent and you will be a walking, talking act of love. 

EDGY UNISEX:  Bond No. 9 Bleeker Street swings both ways - man/woman - in other words anyone can wear it, and everyone will want to wear it.  It is a rockstar fragrance.  This slightly citrusy scent has significant nuances of cedarwood, suede, oakmoss, thyme, and patchouli.  Bleeker St. is a potent blend, so spritz sparingly, and I recommend applying well before leaving the house because once the top notes wear off is when it truly gets down to business.

FLIRTY FRUITY :  Escada has a series of provocative fruity florals and they debut a new one annually.  Every fragrance in the series has an exotic name like Island Kiss, or Marine Groove, and if you can't decide on just one, Sephora has a coffret of minis that you can buy.  My personal favorite is Moon Sparkle with a sensual blend of freesia, strawberry, citrus cocktail, and sandalwood.  Not everyone thinks of fruity as sexual but my friend Erin nailed it when she called the fruities her 'stripper fragrances' - in other words sexy in an entertaining and unsophisticated way.  Men particularly love them!

and some other sex it up scents you might want to try......

ROMANTIC FLORAL:  Ralph Lauren Blue, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Vince Camuto, Michael Kors Very Hollywood, Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengence

CLASSIC ORIENTAL:  Beyonce Heat, Armani Exchange Diamonds or Diamonds Intense, Jo Malone Black Veltyver Cafe Cologne

EDGY UNISEX:  Hermes d'Orange Vert, Bond No. 9 Washington Square, Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, CREED Imperial Millesime

FLIRTY FRUITY:  Britney Spears Fantasy, Polo women's series Big Pony #2, Marc Jacobs DotMaitre Parfumeur et Gantier Bahiana

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