Friday, July 31, 2015

excellent eyebrow pencils

I have Kristen Stewart eyebrows.  In other words, thin straight dark slashes above my eyes.  And as you know, super arched, super sculpted precision brows have been all the rage for a while now.  Something I could never achieve.  And as a backlash to that look, now full thick, feathery brows are in vogue.  Also something I cannot achieve.  Given no alternatives, I have decided to embrace my poor little brows and decide that I am cool like K. Stew.

I think it's good that women have been paying more attention to their brows lately, after all eyebrows shape and define your face.  As a result of all this eyebrow attention a slew of brow products have hit the market:  more gels, powders, and specialized brow pencils.  Personally nothing works on my brows except for the pencils, so that is what I am going to address today.  If you want to follow the new bushy brow trend you may want to check out colored brow gels, but otherwise read on.

For years the Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-fine Precision Brow Pencil was my favorite.  It is a twist up skinny pencil that only comes in two universally flattering shades - regular and dark.  I am a sucker for using something as glamorous as Dior,  but better than that it did an excellent job at defining and prettying up my limited-shape brows.  It is an high quality pencil that perhaps runs out a little too quickly but I have to say it is kind of worth it. There is a skinny little spoolie on the other end that frankly doesn't do much for me.  Add some wax to it and it just might. If there weren't some competitive cheaper brands out there I would still be using it.   Actually now that I am talking about it, it is making me want to go back to it.

Everyone loves brow expert Anastasia Beverly Hills products.  And even though she has a waxy Perfect Brow Pencil that is supposed to be good and what professionals prefer, Brow Wiz is far and away the most popular.  I prefer it too.  It gives a very similar look to the Dior pencil but comes in a variety of 9 shades.  The skinniness of it allows for defining my smaller brows and you can either draw and fill them in dark, or better yet stroke and feather them on for a very natural look.  The spoolie on this one is actually not bad. Unfortunately these are not a whole lot cheaper than Dior.

So what I have been using as a less expensive alternative to Dior and Anastasia is the Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil Waterproof.  Skinny and retractable just like the others, it does an equally good job but stays on a lot longer.  You can't beat that!  It has a short little slanted comb at the other end which I don't think works as well as the spoolies.  In fact I find it to be awkward and useless.   But so what - it is still the perfect pencil.  Comes in 7 different shades. Sephora has a tendency to discontinue stuff from their Collection so I am stock piling this one!

If you prefer a more traditional brow pencil, not a skinny mini, Lancome Le Crayon Poudre - Powder Pencil For The Brows is the way to go.  It is a wood pencil that you need to sharpen with a makeup pencil sharpener, and unlike the retractable kind, will last for months and months.  What sets this pencil apart from other traditional pencils is that it has a powdery consistency.  The color may go on a little dark but you can blend it with your finger for a softer look.  I like that the powder gives a more natural look and makes it easy to apply. Out of all of the ones I am reviewing, they have the best (ie. thick) spoolie.  Unfortunately this style only comes in 4 colors so it can be hard to match your shade.

I WANT TO TRY: The eyebrow pencil that has really caught my attention, and I am dying to try is Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil. It is a slightly thinker pencil with a slant on the end that looked fabulous when I drew it on my hand.  I suspect I would really cherish the slanted aspect - it is made to mimic brow hairs. Also it is water resistant which I assume means it wears longer. Tell me how a slanted brow pencil has worked for you!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

splurge! (again)

I love doing my "splurge" posts (see splurge! and splurge! part deux).  They are so much fun, like little fantasies, and fond memories of things I could only ever really afford once. I always gush all over the place with my splurge posts, because really, these things may be expensive but with good reason.  I'm one of those people that likes to see what's out there and salivate over what can only be a dream.  Is that masochistic?  All I know is that I'm not alone like that, so keep on reading and enjoy!

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is the go-to anti-aging serum. It is a clinical brand that stacks up admirably with others in its category. Recommended by many dermatologists, it is packed with peptides to plump and firm, and eradicate wrinkles.  It has super power anti-oxidants for helping prevent further aging/damage, and alpha arbutin brightens up age spots.  Why is this anti-aging serum so much better than others?  Well, when I tried the one bottle (can't afford any more!) it truly did make my skin look younger.  It also reduced my redness/inflammation, and I felt like I was doing something really good for my skin.


Natural perfumes can be expensive because they often use precious oils and rare extracts.  They are nothing like the familiar, spritz-on, strident, commercial products.  They can be weird.  They can be magic.  They are opulent, many-layered, unique.  They are so special in fact, that many times I told myself "From now on I will only wear natural perfumes". 
Aftelier Perfumes Secret Garden is all of the above and more.  Mandy Aftel, the creator, is the cream-of-the-natural-perfume-crop.  She is an alchemical genius, and everything she puts out is a work of art.  My favorite of her creations is Secret Garden.  On me it is the scent of haphazard rows of lush flowers leading down a garden path; their petals warming in the late morning sun.  The path is still a bit damp from the morning dew, and furry little critters dart in and out of the bushes.  Then there is the undercurrent of sweet sap, amber drops on delicate limbs.  Notes of geranium, rose, blood orange, raspberry, lotus, jasmine, and castorium lure me in.  If the price is prohibitive, you can purchase samples of any of Mandy’s perfumes on the Aftelier website.

$180 for only a 1/4 oz

Pureology Hair Care Nano Works Shampoo and Conditioner are advertised for aging color-treated hair but the truth is, they are insanely good for anyone.  Ok, it's a tad bit on the heavy side so probably not for oily hair.  It is luxurious with a capital L.  Everyone I know who has used it, while not always able to justify the price, never-the-less fell madly deeply in love.  It has that certain je-ne-sais-quoi.  Maybe it's the sugar cane, or the mushrooms, or maybe even the wine extracts but something is working right.  It got rid of my frizzies without weighing my hair down, so if you can afford it, do it!  Oh and it's also vegan :-)

$54, 8.5 oz shampoo  $58, 8.5 oz conditioner

Dyptique Candles are the ultimate in French fare.  Smooth, sophisticated, they are only available at upscale venues.  Sure, there are more expensive candles out there, but I'm guessing the $60 price tag may seem exorbitant to some.  The unique spare designs and the slow burning wax make up some of the value, but it is the exquisite fragrances that really draw people in.  Their "roses" is real rose, "eucalyptus" is all warm Mediterranean, and one of my favorites "figuier", is redolent not just of the fig fruit, but the fig leaves and wood as well.  Oh and my other fave "oranger" is also fruit, leaves, and wood, but in addition has a hint of sharp spice so it almost - but not quite - smells like Christmas.  I really couldn't choose just one!


I WANT TO TRY:  Every single year Cle de Peau Concealer makes the fashion magazines' "best of" issue, winning the coveted "best concealer" title.  Supposedly it does it all, and I would love to find out for myself.  But the cost.....


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

for treating sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is my bane.  What I thought was maybe rosacea years ago has now developed into the full blown thing.  Really I should go to a dermatologist but I am having too much fun experimenting with beauty products that reduce the redness.  There is also sensitive skin that is reactive, and there is psoriasis and eczema.  Either way, I think we can all agree that sensitive skin is very tricky and a total pain in the ass.  Over the years I have come up with some favorite, dependable products that I think would be good for you to try.

FOR CLEANSING:  REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk (formerly known as Hydra Calm) is soothing bliss.  I have tried many less expensive cleansers which were all pretty good but this REN all natural cleanser is to die for.  Well worth the little extra cost.  In fact, I can't wait to finish my drug store brands so I can get back to this. Sulphate, paraben, and phthalate free, it reduces redness from the very beginning.

TONER:  Be 100% sure it is an alcohol-free, and soothing (like rose or aloe).   Many people like to skip the toner step but I love it for removing any traces of dirt and face wash.  Caudalie Moisturizing Toner is super gentle with no parabens, phalates, or sulfates.  And in the morning, unless you are particularly oily, you can just wipe you face down with it and then apply moisturizer.

SPOT TREATING (OPTIONAL):  for tough cases Dermalogica Barrier Repair is great to apply to specific areas of redness and irritation.  It has a slick silicone type texture that protects you from aggravating external elements (wind, cold, heat, sun, pollution) and it also has redness fighting ingredients.  I like to use it in the daytime on my inner cheeks, forehead, and tip of my chin, then as it dries a bit I layer my regular moisturizer over it.

 DAYTIME MOISTURIZER:  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is a total cult favorite.  Specifically designed for eczema/psoriasis/reactive skin, it is nice and hydrating (sensitive skin tends to be dry) without being heavy or greasy.  And it is cheap!  $30 for a big 6 oz jar.

NIGHT CREAM:  L'Occitane 100 Percent Pure Shea Butter works better than anything for soothing my skin.  The one drawback is that it has an almost firm vaseline type texture so is best used as a night cream or even a day & night moisturizer during the dry winter months.  It eventually absorbs and is so hydrating your skin will look nice and plump.  A side note:  it is a very heavy consistency but it should not clog your pores.  In fact the company recommends it for acneic skin!

SERUM:  Phytomer OligoForce Soothing Enforcement Serum is my fave.  It smells so heavenly - just like a spa, and works like a charm.  The sea algae is the key.  Now, normally you would put the serum underneath your moisturizer but for sensitive skin it is best to apply serum on top of the moisturizer once the moisturizer has absorbed into the skin.  And please use sparingly: one or two drops is plenty for the whole face.

SUNSCREEN - A MUST:  People with sensitive skin need to use sunscreen more than anyone else.  The sun will totally inflame your skin and instantly damage the thin sensitive epidermis.  I know you'll say "But sunscreen makes me break out", and I have an answer for that:  use natural/mineral sunscreens.  This means titanium dioxide and preferably zinc oxide, which are less irritating than chemical sunscreens.  My two faves are:  Tartegaurd 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum 30 SPF and Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45.  Both are light and gentle and you won't even be able to tell you are wearing them.  Especially the PTR powder whose only draw back is that it is so light you have to be sure to carefully brush it on absolutely everywhere - double up even.

I WANT TO TRY:  Medicine Mama's Apothecary Sweet Bee Ultra Beauty Balm.  It is 100% natural made with royal jelly and bee pollen.  I'm not sure how my skin would react to those but it is supposedly very calming.  I am totally curious about the bee ingredients.  On the verge of buying it, but am trying to hold off for now because I already have a bazillion skincare items in my bathroom.  Why don't you buy it and let me know what it's like!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

indispensable incense

Buying incense is hit or miss.  Even if you smell the box, you never really know how they will come out until you burn them.  And of course the various scents are totally subjective according to individual taste.  They can be used for anything from scenting a room, cleansing a space,  enhancing a spiritual practice, and more.  As much as I like the heavy burners, I'm afraid of getting smoke marks on my walls, so the ones I've listed here tend to be light burners safe for your walls.
I'm sure you have your favorites, but I thought I'd tell you about my favorites just incase you wanted to give something new a try.

What is lovelier than the scent of pink cherry blossoms in spring?  Maybe even drying after a refreshing rain shower?  Nippon Kodo Ka-fuh Daphne Incense is just that - with a faint wispy smoky base of course.  Nippon Kodu is a premier brand of Japanese incense (and who does incense better than the Japanese?!)  These sticks are the lightest scent imaginable - I burn three at a time - so they are perfect for the beginner or the tentative incense user.  My boyfriend is very sensitive to various incense but this one passes his test.  To sum it up:  floral, very pretty delicate floral.  You can't not like them.

I enjoy almost every single scent of Nippon Kodu Morning Star Incense and Amazon has a variety pack if you want to test them out.  The same quality brand as above, they are refined fragrances but are more heavily scented than the one listed above.  Also fairly inexpensive.
Just to pick a few favorites here....  cedarwood and sandalwood.  I prefer woodsy ambery scents, ever so faintly reminiscent of the stuff wafted about in church.  I have been dying to try their vanilla too because I figure it is a "safe" vanilla ie. not too cloying.

Shoyeido Incense Jewel Series is another line that has a variety of terrific smells.  I love that they are all named after precious gems and each gem is associated with a different enlightening vibe: amethyst=balance, emerald=awareness, ruby=strength and diamond=power.  If I want something darker and muskier I burn diamond.  If I want to take it easy I pick pretty ruby.  All in all, a quality line priced just right.

Escential Incense was my first love.  "Energy"!  "Mayan Temple Blend"!  "Kachina Dreams"!  When my local new age book store stopped carrying them I searched high and low to find them.  It's a bit heavier burning incense with a huge variety of fragrances, some kind of head shoppy but some very spiritual smelling - perfect for meditation.  There is no variety pack that I could find for you, and I know it's dicey to purchase untried incense on line, so I would either keep an eye out for them at your local shops, or on-line purchase ones labeled with a fairly straight forward smell like "patchouli".   Either way they are inexpensive so may just be worth the risk, after all they claim to have magical properties.

I WANT TO TRY:  Fornasetti Inscense.  The price is astronomical, so I haven't actually tried them but I had to list them here so you can be as shocked by the price tag as I was:  $245.  I imagine they are the best, ultimate incense in the whole wide world, and certainly they have to be the loveliest.  And they do come in deluxe packaging - a wood box with surrealist decorative ceramic top, but still does that justify the price?  Some would say yes because they are art.  What you are actually paying for is the brand name.  Fornasetti objects are works of art created by Italian painter, sculptor, and engraver Piero Fornasetti.   Hmmmm.... If you do end up splurging on these please let me know what they were like!

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mid-summer perfumes 2015

How did the Summer go by so fast?  It is my favorite season and it is always so fleeting.  Sadly I already notice the evenings getting darker earlier.  But just to perk myself up I compiled a list of favorite summer perfumes and because it is already mid July I am calling it my mid-summer perfume recommendations.  Better late than never I say!

Etat Libre d'Orange Don't Get Me Wrong Baby is a happy perfume and light as a feather.  It wears close to the skin so only you will notice it.  It is actually called "Don't Get me Wrong Baby I Don't Swallow".  Pretty outrageous huh?  Well Etat Libre d'Orange is a niche brand that emerged bold and brash naming all their perfumes with promiscuous titles.  Too bad their titles lately have been fairly mundane in comparison.  But let's get on to what it actually smells like....  There is a faint white floral - lily of the valley and orange blossom - not obnoxious at all.  What keeps it from being heavy is that there is no incense or woody base notes.  In fact near the bottom is marshmallow, not in a cloying way.  It is a little bit powdery down there too.  It is a perfume that will leave you walking on air throughout your day.

available at Lucky Scent

Estee Lauder Modern Muse is easy to obtain and even though it kind of has a department store scent (which I personally find rather comforting), there is enough uniqueness to make it worth while.  I happen to really like it - my bottle is already half empty.  Besides having a really pretty bottle, there is the teensiest whiff of something anamalic (which saves it from the department store smell).  It is definitely a floral though, and my nose searches out the honeysuckle. Other notes of interest are mandarin orange, lily, Chinese jasmine, patchouli, and musk. As its title suggests it is for the modern woman - the career woman (it is unobtrusive enough to wear to work), the woman on the go.  

available at any department store

Now here is something exotic and so outrageously expensive all you will probably be able to afford is a miniscule little sample, but it is oh so worth it.  JAR Bolt Of Lightening was created by the famous jewelry designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal and is so exclusive that he keeps all the notes of his perfumes a big secret.  And the notes are strong here.  When I first got my sample I hated it.  It was too much.  But after a few tentative tries it has become an absolute favorite (never throw out a hated perfume, save it for later because your tastes in perfume evolve and change).  So here is what is so special about it:  it is the wet green scents that sharply present themselves after a thunder storm.  Not just a rain storm but a thunder storm - it is that much more complex.  What the exact notes are is a mystery but many people pick up a tuberose.  And on me the dry down is the teeniest bit sweet.  Everything is intrinsically interwoven and if you want to be totally cool and totally unique, join the cult.  This is the perfume to wear.

samples available at Surrender To Chance

I am going to suggest something outrageous here:  Prada Candy.  It is not light.  It is not a summer floral.  You almost have to be a diva (or else it will make you feel like a diva) to pull this off during the summer.  Why?  Because it is caramel and it is musk - the ultimate sweet gourmand.  Some people might consider it on the heavy side but I love it for summer.  I say be unexpected, the notes will bloom in the heat.  Wear it with confidence, it is sexy! There is a school of thought that richer notes like orientals and musks are totally appropriate in warmer weather, and I absolutely agree. I love this stuff. It is feminine with a capital F!  

available at Sephora and department sores

Theirry Mugler Cologne is fresh fresh fresh and differs from all these others in that it is a tad more masculine.  In fact I would say it is distinctly unisex. Yes there is a hint of white floral but mostly it is greens, and fizzy citrus.  A white musk (light soapy musk) anchors it all.  I'm telling you I could bathe in this stuff.  Unfortunately it doesn't wear all that long so I keep a small spray bottle decant (available at The Perfumed Court) in my makeup bag to liberally reapply throughout the day.

available at fragrancenet and select Macy's Men's department

Want to try:  Lady Gaga Eau De Gaga.  I wasn't a fan of her Fame but I keep hearing good things about this one - supposedly a nice unisex tea fragrance.  Have you tried it?  Let me know what you think!
pictures stolen from fragrantica

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all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. I am not financially compensated for my reviews