Thursday, December 27, 2012

super body scrubs

Body scrubs are an essential part of any shower-time ritual (and I should know, I've got about three tubs of scrub going in my shower).  Not only does scrubbing yourself down feel like an indulgent spa ritual but it will keep the skin on your body younger longer.  Just like on your face, exfoliating your body encourages cell turnover rate - an important factor in anti-aging.  Smooth, silky skin is another benefit, as well as a releasing of toxins and debris.  I recommend scrubbing before any shaving routine for a smoother shave that will help prevent ingrown hairs.

There are all kinds of body scrubs out there, some with additional targeted results such as hydrating, slimming, or invigorating - so I've picked a range of scrubs that I want to talk about, each totally fantabulous in their own right.

Sugar scrubs are extremely popular because they are gentle and hydrating and usually smell scrumptious.  My all time favorite sugar scrub is the natural Carol's Daughter Brown Sugar Scrub.  In an almond oil base, this scrub is hydrating as well as exfoliating.  Once the sugar crystals scrub away your dead skin, they dissolve deliciously into your body and the oil lingers to retain moisture all day long.  But best of all is the heavenly scent of brown sugar and chocolate!

On the other end of the spectrum is the clinical Derma Doctor's KP Duty Body Scrub.  Although it is specifically formulated to get rid of those little red "chicken skin" bumps (keratosis pilaris = KP), it serves as a wonderful body scrub for almost any skin type.  The secret to its success is that it combines glycolic acid with gentle synthetic scrubbing beads.  KP Duty does double duty!  And the beads don't dissolve on contact, but stick around to do the job they were meant to do, and the nice big tub will last you forever.

Another type of scrub is the salt scrub.  This type is often used at spas because it is a natural form of exfoliation that does thorough work while the mineral content is nourishing for your skin.  For the smoothest of smooth, I recommend Sinfulicious Mineral Body Scrub.  You can customize your scent (I like the ginger, pink grapefruit, ylang ylang combo) for an uplifting shower experience, but whatever fragrance you choose, the scrub itself will leave your skin velvety beyond velvety.

Slimming scrubs are usually used in conjunction with a body slimming serum or cream, but used alone they also serve as excellent detoxification.  Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub drains excess fluid and can potentially minimize the look of cellulite.  Made with crushed grapeseeds and grapeseed oil, it is packed with antioxidants and is gentle on the skin - no tugging or tearing here.  I particularly love it because it is a French product and the French rule when it comes to spa treatments for the body.

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