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mid-summer perfumes 2015

How did the Summer go by so fast?  It is my favorite season and it is always so fleeting.  Sadly I already notice the evenings getting darker earlier.  But just to perk myself up I compiled a list of favorite summer perfumes and because it is already mid July I am calling it my mid-summer perfume recommendations.  Better late than never I say!

Etat Libre d'Orange Don't Get Me Wrong Baby is a happy perfume and light as a feather.  It wears close to the skin so only you will notice it.  It is actually called "Don't Get me Wrong Baby I Don't Swallow".  Pretty outrageous huh?  Well Etat Libre d'Orange is a niche brand that emerged bold and brash naming all their perfumes with promiscuous titles.  Too bad their titles lately have been fairly mundane in comparison.  But let's get on to what it actually smells like....  There is a faint white floral - lily of the valley and orange blossom - not obnoxious at all.  What keeps it from being heavy is that there is no incense or woody base notes.  In fact near the bottom is marshmallow, not in a cloying way.  It is a little bit powdery down there too.  It is a perfume that will leave you walking on air throughout your day.

available at Lucky Scent

Estee Lauder Modern Muse is easy to obtain and even though it kind of has a department store scent (which I personally find rather comforting), there is enough uniqueness to make it worth while.  I happen to really like it - my bottle is already half empty.  Besides having a really pretty bottle, there is the teensiest whiff of something anamalic (which saves it from the department store smell).  It is definitely a floral though, and my nose searches out the honeysuckle. Other notes of interest are mandarin orange, lily, Chinese jasmine, patchouli, and musk. As its title suggests it is for the modern woman - the career woman (it is unobtrusive enough to wear to work), the woman on the go.  

available at any department store

Now here is something exotic and so outrageously expensive all you will probably be able to afford is a miniscule little sample, but it is oh so worth it.  JAR Bolt Of Lightening was created by the famous jewelry designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal and is so exclusive that he keeps all the notes of his perfumes a big secret.  And the notes are strong here.  When I first got my sample I hated it.  It was too much.  But after a few tentative tries it has become an absolute favorite (never throw out a hated perfume, save it for later because your tastes in perfume evolve and change).  So here is what is so special about it:  it is the wet green scents that sharply present themselves after a thunder storm.  Not just a rain storm but a thunder storm - it is that much more complex.  What the exact notes are is a mystery but many people pick up a tuberose.  And on me the dry down is the teeniest bit sweet.  Everything is intrinsically interwoven and if you want to be totally cool and totally unique, join the cult.  This is the perfume to wear.

samples available at Surrender To Chance

I am going to suggest something outrageous here:  Prada Candy.  It is not light.  It is not a summer floral.  You almost have to be a diva (or else it will make you feel like a diva) to pull this off during the summer.  Why?  Because it is caramel and it is musk - the ultimate sweet gourmand.  Some people might consider it on the heavy side but I love it for summer.  I say be unexpected, the notes will bloom in the heat.  Wear it with confidence, it is sexy! There is a school of thought that richer notes like orientals and musks are totally appropriate in warmer weather, and I absolutely agree. I love this stuff. It is feminine with a capital F!  

available at Sephora and department sores

Theirry Mugler Cologne is fresh fresh fresh and differs from all these others in that it is a tad more masculine.  In fact I would say it is distinctly unisex. Yes there is a hint of white floral but mostly it is greens, and fizzy citrus.  A white musk (light soapy musk) anchors it all.  I'm telling you I could bathe in this stuff.  Unfortunately it doesn't wear all that long so I keep a small spray bottle decant (available at The Perfumed Court) in my makeup bag to liberally reapply throughout the day.

available at fragrancenet and select Macy's Men's department

Want to try:  Lady Gaga Eau De Gaga.  I wasn't a fan of her Fame but I keep hearing good things about this one - supposedly a nice unisex tea fragrance.  Have you tried it?  Let me know what you think!
pictures stolen from fragrantica

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all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. I am not financially compensated for my reviews

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