Wednesday, August 26, 2015

these are why I am excited for fall

I prefer the equinoxes to the solstices because they feel like the biggest most thrilling changes:  Summer to Fall, Winter to Spring.  I'm all about that, and we are gearing up for another one in a month. But already there are some sneak peaks, and I have to say I think Fall is a sexy season.  Here are some of the reasons I am looking forward to (sexy) Autumn.

You first know Fall is on the way when the September issues of fashion magazines come out.  They are as thick as can be although it's mostly ads.  They are meant to amp us up, and for me anyway they are successful.  It is taking me ages to get through Harper's Bazaar because I want to savor every little bit.

Next I would have to say plum lips.  Even though I don't believe in colors being assigned to certain seasons I have to admit I am just not in the mood for darker shades in the warm months.  There are a zillion plums, berries, and vamps out there right now but I usually rely on my old favorites MAC Media, and Diva.
Warm and cozy scented candles.  Even though I love candles to death, I am not a huge candle burner in the Summer.  In Autumn I give myself permission to go crazy with them:  musky vanillas, falling leaves, patchouli blends, fig, etc.  My absolute fave is the generic version of Members Only MiN Union Club Limited Edition Candle which cost a fortune but was a special treat and was worth it because it is perhaps the best candle on earth.  The notes are incense, fir needles, leather, gentle smoke, cedar, moss, and exotic spices.  Mmmmm!

SWEATERS BOOTS & SCARVES!  Oh yeah!  In the Summer I look longing at these in my closet.  I hate Winter but these signify exciting changes for me anyway.  Plus there is something about them that is comforting and stylish and mod all at the same time.  (BTW I am a scarf freak:  I have tons and tons of pretty scarves).

Also, in general, I don't like to assign perfumes to certain times of year.  That said, because I think Fall is sexy, I like to break out what are fondly known in the perfume circles as "skanky" scents.  "Skanky" refers to animalic and deep dark musky notes.  They are not for every one but are one of my most preferred categories of perfume.  Miller Harris L'Air de Rein is a good starter skank.

WANT TO TRY:  Aura Candles in Muse (vanilla, orchid, tobacco flower, amber) and Karma (vanilla, cardamom, cayenne)  Not very expensive for an indie brand, they are in my shopping queue.


Hunter Wellies.  I am sure I would get good use out of them because this year we are supposed to have really bad el nino weather which means non-stop rain.

pictures stolen from fragrantica, pinterest, and the MAC, Bazaar, MiN, Aura websites.

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