Monday, May 27, 2013

puffy-eye solutions

Probably the second most common skincare concern that clients come to me with is puffy eyes (sun damage/hyperpigmentation is the first).  A lot of times it's puffy eyes and dark circles but because I believe there is very little you can do for dark circles I am just going to focus on the puffiness.

So, eye bags...... there are two causes.  One is fluid retention which you can treat with a number of different products or at-home methods, and the other is fat deposits which you can't do anything about other than surgery.  If you try a few of the following solutions and do not notice a speck of difference, then you probably have fat deposits, but if in doubt consult your dermatologist.

There are a slew of home remedies for draining puffy eyes (soaked warm black tea bags applied over the eyes for 10 mins is my fave) but I am all about the products so I recommend you try one of these instant fixes:

For years Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash has been my favorite de-puffing, eye-brightening solution.  It's like the hang-over cure for stressed out eyes, and although the results are only temporary they are so sensational that it is worth keeping in your arsenal to whip out when drastic measures are called for - "revive" being the key word here.

Also a temporary solution but well worth it is Boscia Super Cool De-puffing Eye Balm.  Women of all ages adore this minty, soothing, refreshing de-puffer.  I rely on it heavily:  I've got one for my travel bag, one in my bathroom at home, and one in my locker at work.  It is a quick and easy and indispensable solution.  Also of note:  it is all-natural, cruelty-free, and animal-product-free.  Nice.

While those two are strictly de-puffers, there are some eye treatments that are all-in-one de-puffer/anti-agers. They cost a whole lot more but they do a whole lot more too.  My personal fave is Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum.  This stuff is hardcore.  It firms up loss of skin tone, softens wrinkles, and helps repair sun damage as well as seriously draining any fluid retention.  Dr. Gross is a clinical brand that offers clinical help.

La Prairie Essence Of Skin Caviar Eye Complex is an eye gel that eradicates bags, wrinkles, and crepyness.  This luxury brand from Switzerland specializes in anti-aging skincare so you know you are getting the very best.  Tired, over-taxed peepers will love this stuff, and it also makes the perfect base for eye makeup.  I have noticed this to be a particular hit with beauty editors.
With the exception of the Clarins, I suggest using these products at night to prevent puffiness AND in the morning to reduce any residual puffiness.

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