Monday, June 3, 2013

fragrances for Summer

It seems like I spend the majority of the year longing for Summer.  I am never truly satisfied unless the temp is well over 70 degrees.  And it has been lately - thank goodness.  Thus I have already been wearing my Summer fragrances for weeks and have been dying to blog about it.  To me a Summer scent must be as light as chiffon, as breathable as cotton, and as lovely as silk.  There certainly are some exciting Summer fragrances out there and I am especially taken with one of the newcomers.  So let me tell you all about them!

Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi truly is fabulous!  It is a vibrant and crisp floral that is also distinctly lemony.  It comes in bright pink packaging that looks just how the fragrance smells.  Or maybe the fragrance smells just like the packaging looks.  Either way, it comes across feminine, playful, and just a bit coquettish.  The top notes are citrus and nectarine, the heart notes are jasmine/freeesia/peony, and the base notes are sensual sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla. An irresistible blend!
Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey smells like something one of the ancient Greek or Roman goddesses would wear.  It is nectar.  It is ambrosia.  It is falling in love.  I'd wear it on a picnic, or a first date, or some other flirty occasion.   Yes there is the fruity scent of peach, but the cloyingness has been tamped out of it with black currant and vetiver.  It is altogether the perfect Summer romance.

Vince Camuto Fiori is new and a limited addition, so I would not pass up this opportunity to add it to your collection.  It is a soft and fluffy floral that is at the same time energetic and youthful.  It is about as light as his original fragrance was heavy.  Pink grapefruit and white nectarine comprise the top notes, while the heart notes are iris and freesia, and the base notes are creamy sandalwood and blue cedar.  The concoction is alluring, delightful,and wholly satisfying for the Summer.

CREED Virgin Island Water is my favorite unisex fragrance and even though it is typically a Summer scent, I sometimes wear it in the depths of Winter just to dream of warmer days and perk myself up.  It also happens to come from my favorite perfume house that has been in the Creed family for seven generations.  It is class all the way!  This scent particularly brings to mind yachting, sun bathing, and cocktails on the patio.  There is a faint whiff of coconut, but mostly the notes are citrus tamed with base notes of hibiscus, ginger, ylang ylang, and white rum.  It is tropical without being over the top, so next time you are at Neiman's stop and check it out.

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