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recommended winter perfumes 2015

December is not fall.  I don't care when the actual winter solstice is, all of December is winter.  And it's coming in three days so I am jumping the gun and suggesting a few of my favorite cold weather, winter-time perfumes.  Even starting a week or so ago I was feeling ready for something more heady and rich as the colder weather usually dictates.  And I wish so badly that I had a real fireplace because I can just imaging sitting in front of it and letting my gorgeous perfumes bloom.  Oh well, fireplace or not, I still intend on enjoying these:

Yves Saint Laurent Belle d'Opium:  Fragrantica describes the wearer of this perfume as "a woman who wears this is full of ambivalence, elusive and obsessive, powerful and troubling, ingenue but dangerous."  Sounds intriguing right?  It is clearly a creamy oriental with floral and warm spicy notes, along with an underlying sweetness.  It is not as common as the other Opium perfumes (more mild I'd say), but is perfect for keeping you warm during these icy months ahead.  Some notes include:  coffee, pink peppercorn, orange blossom.  jasmine, patchouli, cedar.

Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles eau de toilette is the grand dame wrapped in fur and jewels.  But she just came to the party after having elicit sex with her young lover.  This is at the same time opulent and dirty.  What a combination!  Originally launched in 1962, it has, of course, been reformulated.  I like both versions but the original is the most special.  You can get the vintage version on etsy (my link) or the new one on amazon.  I think the original version is more anamalic than the recent one, which I find more floral.  Some notes include:  jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, orange blossom, rosemary.  Vetiver, leather, amber, sandalwood, and civet

Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian For Women.  I know, I know, don't scoff.  Even though this is kind of a one trick pony, its dominating white floral notes are very pleasing.  I love white florals in winter!  Plus you really get your money's worth because the scent lasts for hours on the skin and the price point is inexpensive.  Just think of it as a fun one.  It is a glam young woman making all the rounds of holiday parties.  Some notes include:  tuberose, gardenia, jasmine.  vanilla orchid, sexy musk, and sandalwood.

Juliette Has A Gun Midnight Oud is a rock and roll oud.  It is in my top three ouds (Roja Amber Oud, and Mancera Roseoud & Musk  being my other two).  If you have never tried an oud before (the woody/musky agarwood from the middle east) this is a good starter one in my opinion because it is tempered by a lovely rose.  The type of woman you might find wearing this:  Cheryl Crow, Patti Scailfa (guitarist and Bruce Springsteen's wife), Nora Jones, and of course me.  Some notes include:  Morrocan rose, amber, oud,  saffron, geranium, and patchouli.

Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel, Misia.  Honestly I prefer the dry down on this, rather than the initial spray, but it is extremely popular and has taken the world by storm.  Like many Chanel perfumes it is classically powdery but is sexed up a bit by its woody and sweet notes (definitely not too sweet though). It's very vintagy smelling and I totally imagine it could be worn by a gaggle of 1920s flappers.  It also smells quite floral and some notes include:  iris, violet, benzoin, leather, and Tonka bean.

SarahWen Perfume Art, Gladiator.  SaraWen is an indie perfume oil brand found on Etsy.  She describes her art as "magical and romantic perfume inspirations".   Gladiator is a musky unisex perfume to be worn by an idependant woman.  It is kind of sweet and the myrrh definitely comes through, reminding me of something perhaps from the Renaissance (even though the name suggests something much older).  It'll keep your blood pumping and your cheeks flushed during these cold winter months (I love perfume oils in the winter!).  It's %100 vegan and a small bottle only costs $12.98.  Some notes include:  leather, sandalwood, dragonsblood incense, myrrh, and pomegranate fruit.

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pics stolen from Fragrantica, Chanel, Google, and Etsy dot com

all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. I am not financially compensated for my reviews

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