Wednesday, November 25, 2015

splurge! November

It's time for another splurge post and who doesn't love that!  Plus I have a lot of fun doing them.  With the holidays here it is the perfect time for you to put one (or some!) of these on your wish list.  I don't know who could give it to me but I'll be angling for the Roja perfume.

Roja Amber Oud perfume.  All of Roja Dove's British niche brand perfumes are extremely expensive but so unique and refined there's no need to wonder why. My favorite, Amber Oud, is classified as a spicy oriental and the notes in this are to die for.  It starts out with lemon, lime, and bergamot.  Next are rose, ylang ylang, and fig.  And finally some of what keeps it going are civet, oud (agarwood), oakmoss, saffron, and sandalwood.  So sensuous!  If this is out of your price range, I highly recommend ordering a sample from either Surrender To Chance or The Perfumed Court.

$725 for 3.4 oz

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White Dry Shampoo  These designer dry shampoos were created by Mary Kate and Ashley and Olsen and are like perfume for your hair.  Except they soak up all the dirt and oil, and volumize your hair too.  They smell exactly like the perfumes that they were created to replicate (Nirvana White and Nirvana Black) but you get good action from them as well.  If a tad bit powdery and white, they are easy enough to fluff through the hair and blend in.  The smell lasts for hours and hours and they get all rave reviews.  They are expensive for a dry shampoo but a lot of fun.

$28 for 4.4 oz

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Face III Buffing Foundation Brush.  Is favored by the youtube beauty experts as they rave on and on about it with joy.  The size and density of synthetic cruelty-free hairs make your foundation easier and quicker to apply with nothing but a flawless finish.  I can pretty much make it work for a lighter application but it is supreme for a heavier one. I love love love this, and to me it is totally worth the price.


Viseart eyeshadow palettes are professional brand makeup.  The consistency of the powder shadows is as creamy as can be so that they apply better than many other brands and blend like a dream.  They may be pricey but you actually get a lot of product in the palette, so if you can lay down the money it's not a bad value.  They have neutral palettes, bright colorful palettes, and all are beautiful in my book.


Fresh Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask Is in my top two best-working masks.  First of all, the hydrating effects lasted almost three days on me.  So it's a work horse.  But it is also extremely luxurious and thick.  You can feel the honey soothing and nourishing.  It smells yummy, has beneficial anti-oxidants, and with regular use can be helpful to slow down the aging process.  Simply divine!

$140 for 3.3 oz

See anything here that is splurge worthy for you?

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pics stolen from Sephora, Roja, and Fresh websites

all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. I am not financially compensated for my reviews

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