Tuesday, September 4, 2012

luscious lip balms

Deeply quenching....supremely satisfying....ultimately healing......that's what a lip balm should be.....and hardly any actually are.  I have been on a quest for the perfect lip balm for years, and less than a handful have managed to sufficiently hydrate my permanently dry chapped lips.  So few in fact that this is going to be a rather short post.  BUT the ones that I have found to work I am simply in love with and feel compelled, no obligated, to share with you.  Because I know you are out there, the unsatisfied customer with the uncomfortably dry lips.  You may have to mail order some of these (for now) but I tell you, it'll absolutely be worth it.

Bija Body is an anti-aging body care line that makes a phenomenal lip balm.  Their Bedsidemanner Lip + Treatment is so potent that you only need to use it twice a day.  Not only does it have a high concentrate of honey, and a significant use of Fair Trade ingredients, but they also throw in a lot of plumping peptides, and age-reversing sea algae. Bija is the perfect blend of science and nature. I love Bedsidemanner for it's hydrating qualities, but after a month or so you should also notice an increase in lip fullness.  What a bonus!

Another favorite, Margarita Bloom's Racy & Risque Rosie Rose Absolute Hydrating Lip Balm provides serious soothing.  Margarita Bloom, the retro queen, is all about glamor and yet she uses natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, and a tad of lanolin to do the heavy lifting.  The very velvety Racy & Risque Rosie gave me lasting (note the keyword here: lasting) relief from my chronic chapped lips, and the faint rose scent made it a luxurious experience all around.  Plus the packaging is loads of fun - who wouldn't want to carry this around in their purse!?

At the bottom of my short list is Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm - a cult favorite.  For some of you it may prove slightly controversial because it does contain petrolatum, but I am sorry, petrolatum works.  Many dermatologist recommend it as a lipid barrier, however if you are looking for a natural lip balm this one is not for you.  It does a sensational job though of hydrating and soothing chapped lips.  The company's original lip balm Rosebud Salve is probably their best seller (and it works equally well) but I particularly like the strawberry fragrance as it reminds me of the Bonne Bell Lipsmackers from the 70s.  I make no apologies for the synthetic - all I know is that my lips love it.  Plus the price point is easy on the wallet.


  1. I have tried the Bija Body bedside manner and I love it!! By far the best lip care product I have ever used.

  2. I have Bedside Manner and love it so much! I use it on my cuticles, too, and they've never looked better! I have to say that the Bija Body oil spray, lotion, and scrub smell incredible, and my husband always comments on how awesome I smell after I use these products, too. Definitely try this line, it's amazing! (And no disclaimer here - I'm not paid to say this stuff!)

  3. I like BijaBody especially because they refuse to use palm oil.

    In addition to bedside manner, the body treatment lotion is the perfect weight for hands and often face as well. I use all the BijaBody products.

    Double thumbs up to this company.

  4. Love the BijaBody line like crazy! Bedside Manner makes my lips silky smooth and kissably soft...I notice right away if I haven't used it in a day or two! Also give the body treatment lotion and scrub a try...you won't regret how it makes your skin look and feel!

  5. I see I'm not the only one who loves Bija. I have samples of their body products waiting for me in the shower -can't wait for my morning regimen! But why not carry one of these other balms in your purse for touch ups?