Thursday, September 20, 2012

what's good for Fall

Everyone is blogging about Fall "must have" products so I have decided to do it as well.  It may not be an original thought but it bears repeating - especially since there are some very specific things that you could be doing for your skin right now.

Since you will be spending less time out in the sun, this is the right opportunity to start healing the sun damage that you accrued over the Summer.  So..... step #1 start applying vitamin C.  Vitamin C is supreme for sun damage repair:  it brightens dark spots, firms, and softens wrinkles.  Most decent vitamin C serums are on the pricey side but there is one fantastic one that is budget friendly.  Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum is one of the best selling serums all told.  People love it because it is a natural brand, it delivers remarkable improvement, and it smells great - kind of orangey.

And now that you are risking less sun exposure it is also a great time for serious exfoliation.  Book that series of microdermabrasion treatments at your local spa.  Or make an appointment there for a glycolic peel.  You could even do a spa-strength glycolic peel at home with the Brazilian Peel.  This is a 30% glycolic solution that equates to 5 times stronger than other retail glycolic solutions.  And yet it is a non-irritating formula that can be used once a week.  The package comes with four applications so you could do a one month series for yourself and be in tip top shape by the holidays.

Now for the fun stuff.  I think most of you know that navy nails are "in" this Fall. But Dior "Blue Label" Vernis Nail Lacquer is the naviest of navies.  It fact, it is so deep, dark, rich, and velvety that it is both sophisticated and edgy all at the same time. I can't imagine going through these cooler months without it.

There are a few Fall collection eyeshadow palettes out there but I think the Lorac Pro Palette gives you the most for your money.  Lorac is a professional Red Carpet brand of superior quality, and this palett offers everything you could possibly want.  In fact half of the shadows are matt and half are shimmer.  The subdued autumn hues range from delicate nudes to dusky dark shadows - I would buy this palette just for the deep purple shimmer alone.

Fall is the sexiest of the seasons don't you think?  So why not vamp it up with some serious color - just be sure to get your glow on underneath all that artistry with a healthy skincare regimen.

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