Tuesday, September 25, 2012

splurge! part deux

My old posting splurge! is easily my most-visited post, so in the manner of Hollywood movies I decided to make a part two.  After all, so much out there is splurge-worthy.  And just to illustrate how important it is for the psyche to splurge on occasion here is a quick story about my friend M.  M was sick for months with bronchitis that turned to a sinus infection that turned into pnenmonia.  She was on antibiotics for days - it was quite depressing for her.  However when I saw her the other day she was radiant.  She had just been to Sephora and bought a new lipstick.  And it wasn't any old lipstick, it was YLS - luxurious and rather pricey. The color brightened up her face and the sheer decadence of her purchase brightened up her mood. So while anti-biotics are necessary, never underestimate the power of a little indulgence.

Every time I tell my coworker that his skin is looking sensational he tells me that he is wearing Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer SPF 15.  Every single time! Naturally I have concluded that Pacific Amore is the most effective tinted moisturizer out there.  And at $70 it is also probably one of the most expensive.  But hey, if you want baby-smooth skin that glows like an angel, it just might be worth it.

What I find completely irresistible and intriguing is Lancome's Absolue L'Extrait Regenerating Ultimate Elixir.  It is made from the stems of the original Lancome roses whose genetics promote regeneration for firmer and more radiant skin.  It takes up to 2,000,000 of these stem cells to make a jar of Absolue and you will pay accordingly.  But wow, wouldn't you just love to put all that rose on your skin?  Plus the magnificent black and gold packaging will make you feel like royalty.

If it were any other reed diffuser I wouldn't think of spending so much, but for Agraria AirEssence I would do it.  Totally.  First of all, the glass container looks far more classy than its competitors, so it doesn't mar the landscape of your room.  Secondly, the fragrances are compelling - so attractive that I had to buy a variety of several mini jars rather than narrow it down to just one full-sized jar.  Thirdly, there is form AND function.  The fragrance formula truly fills a room and will last for months upon months upon months.  Like they say about a fine leather handbag "yes, but you'll have it forever"

I don't normally describe an underarm deodorant as delightful but in this case I will.  CREED Virgin Island Water Deodorant smells like a trip to the Caribbean.  It is bright, playful, and uplifting - exactly what you need first thing in the morning.  Not to mention that it is a signature scent manufactured by one of the oldest and most prestigious perfume houses in France.  You may think it's kinda crazy to spend this much on a deodorant, but that's only if you haven't smelled it.  Take a trip to Neiman's and you'll see.
So take a page from my friend M's book, go out there and treat yourself to a little luxury.......and don't look back!

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