Monday, September 21, 2015

autumnal equinox & perfect fall perfumes 2015

Ok, yeah, it's been in the 90s but the autumnal equinox is 2 days away so I figure it's time to do a perfect fall perfumes post.  I anticipate these with delight- I am so done with hot weather.  And hopefully this will be the last time I mention the weather in my blog LOL.  Listed below are what I consider great transitions between Summer and Winter.

Bottega Veneta "Bottega Veneta" is one of my department store loves.  It has notes of Italian bergamot, pink pepper, Indian sambac, jasmine, oak moss, Indian patchouli, leather.  Sounds serious but it's not quite.  It is more like a sophisticated and feminine scent.  It's a woman in a business suit with tight pencil skirt and 4 inch stilettos.    Available at department stores.

Smell Bent "Horny Little Devil" is cinnamon delight, and fall is when we start breaking out that particular spice.  Despite all that, it isn't too sweet because everything is toned down with a dirty musk.  It is a naughty spice.  Inexpensive and perfect for the hipster.  Available on their website  Samples available.

Burberry "Burberry for Women" isn't as popular as it once was which is excellent because it will make you unique.  Categorized as a gourmand, I don't find it terribly sweet.  Probably because what sweetness there is is more of a grown up sweet rather than a cotton candy sweet.  Fruits are listed as the top notes but to me what stands out is a dry dusty ancient wood scent.  Available at drugstores, the Burberry website, the occasional  department store,  and discount places like Marshalls.

Sweet Anthem "Red Queen" is an all natural, hand made, indie brand.  They have a series of perfumes named after fairy tale figures called the Enchanted Series and this one is the bitchy red queen from Alice In Wonderland all over.  It's dominatrix leather, "drunken" rose, fig, pepper, and a definitely some honey.  And the funny thing is that this scent actually does take me back in time when I would escape in magical tales.  Available at their website and samples are possible.

Bulgari "Black" can be found in the men's fragrance section but I think it is more of a unisex perfume.  It is predominately leathery, woodsy, powdery, and even a touch of vanilla thrown in.  As an added bonus the bottle is super cool, perfect for displaying on your dresser.  It is the kind of thing that women can wear to feel empowered.  Available at Sephora and department stores.

Narciso Rodriguez "For Her Musc Intense" is not to be confused with his original "Narciso Rodriquez For Her".  I like this one tons better.  It is musky:  warm spicy, smoky, with some lovely rose to balance it out.  So pretty, and as the name suggests it is feminine.  This is perhaps the most easily wearable of the ones I have listed because it is relatively light.  Just because the weather is cool, not everyone wants to be dragged down with all those other heavily seductive perfumes.   Available at Bloomingdales and other department stores.

And here is a Fall perfume list from my archives: fall fragrance recommendations

Tell me about what fall perfumes you are looking forward to wearing!

all products reviewed were either bought, researched, or sampled by me. I am not financially compensated for my reviews

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