Wednesday, September 9, 2015

shower stuff

I am a fire sign (aries) and I hate to get wet.  So please don't think I'm gross but I don't like to take showers.  In order to coax myself in, I have to light a candle, turn on the space heater, and have a large array of products waiting for me in the shower.  And of course like most of you, I have a very choreographed routine.  Just in case you are interested I will spell it out, along with some of my favorite products to use.

First I use SHOWER GEL:  Herbal Essences Honey I Smell Good Body Wash.  Dorky name but it claims to be natural and has a wonderful fruity/honey smell.  It doesn't dry me out or irritate my skin.   I am dying to try the other smells in the line but am restraining myself for now because it is not by any means the only shower gel I have.

Second I apply SHAMPOO:  Living Proof Restore Shampoo is one of my go to poos and I re-purchase it every time I run out.  It is hydrating and reparative while still leaving my hair feeling soft and swingy.  If you don't need to restore, Living Proof has other great formulas such as the very popular volumizing one.

Next is BODY SCRUB:  Not necessarily done every day, while the shampoo is working its magic I scrub my body down.  My two favorite scrubs have been discontinued but given that they were all-natural brands I figured I could make my own scrub - how hard could it be?  For a terrific detox scrub I mix avocado oil or jojoba oil (avocado is cheaper) with Epsom salts, a teeny bit of the most finely ground coffee, and a healthy dose of grapefruit essential oil.

After rinsing everything I apply CONDITIONER:  The Living Proof Restore Conditioner is hydrating without being terribly heavy.  I'm not always so matchy-matchy with my shampoo and conditioner because I usually run out of the shampoo first, but in general this is what I do.

At the same time I SHAVE:  with Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream.  My favorite is the green tea formula.  It has a supremely silky texture and gives the smoothest most gentle shave ever - prefect for certain unmentionable body parts ;-)

Finally is BODY OIL:  I have used fancy and I have used drugstore.  Even though they are not all the same, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is a drugstore brand that does it all - my aged body appreciates it! Light-weight, it absorbs well and doesn't have much fragrance.  While it'd be great for anyone, sensitive skinned people would particularly like it.

I WANT TO TRY:  dry brushing.  Done before the shower, it is supposed to be great for detoxing and helping cellulite.  In all manner it is supposed to be very healthy.  I have the brush, I just need to start using the damn thing.

What is your shower routine?  Do tell!

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